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I’m always showing off my #DisneySide ❤️ #wiwt #ootd #Disney

I’m always showing off my #DisneySide ❤️ #wiwt #ootd #Disney

MidTown District 411


There are many local and healthy restaurants here in the Biggest Little City. In the previous post, Wallie reviewed some of the restaurants located in the heart of MidTown. But are you still hungry for more information about MidTown District? Here are the 411 :)

What is MidTown?

“The MidTown District is a geographical area in the heart of Reno. The District was created by a handful of local…

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Jazz up that boring salad


If you’re trying to eat light and healthy, you may think choosing salad is a no-brainer. Not all salads are created equal. Nothing sounds healthier than a salad, right? It may be, but not if you add the wrong ingredients. Salads can contain more calories and fat than you think. And they can be boring!

Follow these 5 tips to help you build a healthier, low-calorie salad.

1. Pile on the veggies! 


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